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71. cool hunting

Cool Hunting Rough Cut: The Ice Ball from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

A few days ago I managed to spectacularly smash-up my phone. Whoops. It hurt in so many ways. Poorly phone had to be sent off to be repaired, which, I’m sad to say, left a bit of a hole in my day; I can loose whole evenings after Little My has gone to bed looking at and processing the photos I have taken that day, or looking at other beautiful photographs on Instagram. So, what to do of an evening to switch off the old grey matter for a while? Vimeo!

These amazing videos are by Cool Hunting www.vimeo.com, www.coolhunting.com

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Roy Denim from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Cool Hunting Video Presents: DL Skateboards from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

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