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Kid on roof
Kid on roof

Yesterday was Little My’s two-and-a-half-year birthday. It seemed fitting that she spent most of the day playing with the present she received six months ago on her actual birthday.

Her blue MobileHome by Kidsonroof has been a firm favourite since that special day. Despite being made from cardboard, it has withstood six months of boisterous play and remains in pretty good nick. She loves the spyholes and her favourite rooms are in the attic.

Playmobil Cowboys and Native Americans
Playmobil Cowboys and Native Americans

To celebrate her half birthday, we added a few new (slightly controversial) Playmobil characters to her collection. Those little figures caused some serious conversations and fairly complex explanations yesterday. I’m glad to say that most of it has gone completely over her head and these little chaps remain innocent play-things.

Native American's hiding in the lounge, ssshhhh, don't tell the Cowboy
Native American's hiding in the lounge, ssshhhh, don't tell the Cowboy

All being well, the MobileHome should see her through the next six months of mammoth play-sessions and after it has had its day, it can go on the compost heap. That’s a present that keeps on giving.


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