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66. GFSmith

I owe my husband a thank you. He sent me a link to this little film. I think it’s rather beautiful.

Naturalis Works #2 features the incredible talent which is Juliet Barker MBE in her studio. Juliet has been designing and hand-making violins, violas, cellos and the occasional double bass, since 1954.

My Grandfather was a Woodturner. Sadly he passed away before I was born but I always find the sight of someone working with wood, absolutely fascinating. I find myself holding my breath – one slip and a piece could be ruined. I don’t think I took a breath throughout the duration of this short film.

This is one in a series of short films designed around GFSmith’s conversations with acclaimed craftspeople working in diverse fields. They were filmed by Steven Mark Fisher and Sophie Pierozzi.

GFSmith is an independent British company that has been “providing the creative world with inspiration for over a century”. They are regarded as one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialist papers, with distinctive ranges of coloured and textured stocks.

In complete contrast to the warmth of Naturalis Works #2, is this GFSmith film for Globe-Trotter. I love watching manual processes. The end result is a very distinctive and beautiful suitcase.

You can watch more in this series of short films and amazing footage of the GFSmith factory and warehouse here.



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