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28. briohny smyth

Sometimes I find something which is so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at it or thinking about it. This incredible film by Briohny Smyth for Equinox, is one such example. It’s an amazing and awe inspiring example of what the body can achieve.

Briohny Smyth for Equinox
Briohny Smyth for Equinox

I’m nearly 3 years into my own yoga journey. It has been a slow and steady start with pregnancy yoga followed by postnatal yoga taught by the wonderful Leif Olsen. I am now doing at least two classes a week, in addition to any practice I can squeeze in after the wee one has gone to bed. It’s addictive and it is rapidly becoming a way of life. Although, I’ll never be as flexible or as strong as Briohny, this film certainly makes me want to practice more.,

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