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26. tumble bee

The Tumble Bee CD includes a DIY mini mobile kit
The Tumble Bee CD includes a DIY mini mobile kit

The saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” but what about judging an album by its cover? That’s exactly what I did with the sublime Tumble Bee by Laura Veirs.

When I first heard that Tumble Bee is a collection of folk songs for children, I have to admit that I was a little sceptical but it was the cover art that really convinced me to buy the album. And what a find it has proved to be. Little My and I have been listening to this album all day. It is incredibly beautiful and Carson Ellis’ naive illustrations compliment the album perfectly.

Veirs’ inspiration for the album came after the birth of her son. She became curious about the history of American children’s music and brought together this collection of songs from across the centuries. It is so far removed from my initial judgement of what songs for children would be like; it is gentle, warm and full of whimsy. I think it’s going to become a favourite in our household. Sometimes, judging an album by it’s cover really pays off. www.lauraveirs.com, www.carsonellis.com


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